about us

Benzein x briselblack

Born in 2018 under name of Benzein, we work at our small workshop in Bandung, Indonesia. Through the skilled hands of craftsmen with decades of experience, and by using the best material we can get from around the world, we aim to achieve a high standard in bootmaking.

This new year 2023, we decide to merge between Benzein and Briselblack Bootmakers together and changed our Brand name into Briselblack. With new hopes and enthusiasm we will do our best to present the best products



We strive to re-invent the classic boot style for men, with the right balance between ruggedness and comfort. Everyone at team and our friends and customers from all over the world have helped up greatly by giving their feedback & criticism, we grow by learning. We’ll keep this up to reach our goals.

Thank you

As a new player in the handwelted boot world, we want to say thank you to each and every one of you for all the support and trust, than enable us to continue moving forward and give our best to everyone.