briselblack bootmaker

Born in 2018 under name of Benzein, we start at our workshop in Bandung, Indonesia. Through the skilled hands of craftsmen with decades of experience and start everything with passion.

In 2023, we decided to re-branding Benzein and become Briselblack Bootmaker. With new concept and enthusiasm that is realized in the form of boots between dress boots and work boots. Working with the best material from Taiwan, Japan, England, Germany, Italy and USA to present highest quality of handwelted boots.


a uniqueness in each pair

Almost all of our boots today are made from made to order system, where customer can choose several options from the styles and types that have been provided. During the handmade boot making process, high quality material is very important, such as leather, buckle, outsole, etc. each have their own characteristic to shown up.

So that all boots we make will become a unique character for their owners, displaying beautiful rolls, scratches and patina over time and produce an extraordinary aging appearance.

with all our hearts, for all your support and trust. We would like to express our gratitude

Thank you