About Us


It's about reaching out Dreams, Dedication, Hard work, Team and Family


A journey from a graphic designer property company that have a dream to build a shoe company. Yes, that's me. Hi, let me introduce myself, I’m  Adi, founder, and designer of Benzein. A little introduction to Benzein, Benzein was founded in early 2018, yes we could say that we are a new player in this hand welted Boots. But I am very grateful that Benzein was born in the middle of a family who running the shoe business since 1986, more or less the experience i've taken from them, so those decades of experience has been very helpful for us to develop our product and brand.



We start from a small workshop in the city of Bandung, and this is where all shoes are made. Through the hands of craftsmen who have decades of experience and we also uphold high standards in workmanship as well as prioritizing comfort and strength so we only apply the best materials and constructions for us to use to our products. We are confident that with this we can achieve one of our goals, towards a global market.


"I'm not a superman", Everyone at Benzein has the right to express opinions, input and criticism. We realize that it is very important in product and brand development. So what you see now is not 'my' work, but 'our' work.



Benzein itself is taken from the words 'Ben' and 'Zein', Ben is the initials of my son and 'Zein' is the initials of our family company, so we have a dream that Benzein will become a company that can stand firm and moving worldwide. So that it can be something valuable that can be passed on to our children.